ASA Memo on Mumps in Alberta

March 1, 2017

RE: Mumps in Alberta

Dear ASA Soccer Community,

There have been concerns raised by members in regards to the recent outbreak of mumps in the Province of Alberta.  The ASA is monitoring this outbreak by reviewing communications from Alberta Health Services (AHS) and are supportive of the broader measures currently undertaken by AHS and recently by other sporting organizations.

As the result of the recent reports of an outbreak of Mumps in Western Canada, and the obvious conditions for spreading the virus through sport contact, the ACAC is recommending that the following precautions are taken with regards to handshakes

  1. Handshakes and Post-Game Handshake Protocol changes
    1. This show of fair play is a staple of the game but in the short term alternative measures should be considered that limit handshakes including;
  1. Fist bumps
  2. Walk by with no contact but verbal messaging of “good game”
    1. Coaches are encouraged to discuss the agreed upon post-game handshake protocol with each other prior to the game when possible.
  1. Symptom Free Return To Play
    1. If any symptoms have been experienced associated with mumps the participant should not return to play until entirely symptom free.
  1. Other notes
  1. In addition to the post game handshake it will be helpful if coaches, managers and parents remind players of standard protocols that can help prevent the spreading of germs (including mumps) including;
  • No sharing of water bottles or other equipment
  • Covering one’s mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Washing hands systematically

Thank you for your cooperation. This virus is highly contagious and while we’re not certain that we can contain the spread entirely, we can definitely introduce hygiene practices within our control that can reduce the chances of spreading this disease.

Please share this message with your members as widely as possible and encourage all parties to monitor for more information.

Richard Adams
Executive Director