FC Edmonton – Time for Action!

It’s time to summon our hero!

Thank you to everyone who has made the commitment to bring the Canadian Premier League and professional soccer back to Edmonton. WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP AND HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO!

Just a few critical reminders as we push through the second week of our campaign…

  • If you haven’t yet, please make your $40 commitment to save your seat for the 2019 Season (remember, if we are asking others to join the movement, we first need to make the commitment ourselves). All the details are right here at and it only takes a couple minutes. If you haven’t yet, please make that commitment today to continue the momentum. Again… thank you to those that have!
  • Make sure you follow @yeg4cpl on twitter as they have a ton of great photos plus some video. Their next rally event is this Friday. Please be sure to check out their website ( for all the details.
  • Activate your networks (sample email below)! The idea is to simply drive everyone to the website, all details are there. Now is the time to spread the word about why you are supporting FC Edmonton/CPL and ask people to join you. Share the message with your contacts in the minor soccer community, peers groups, clients, friends/family & business community.

**Here’s a SAMPLE COPY for an email for you to use. Clip/paste or add/edit as you see fit:**


“I’m supporting FC Edmonton in the Canadian Premier League because it’s time to rally to support our own local club and the opportunities this provides to the grassroots development of our sport and communities. It’s time for professional soccer, in a Canadian context, to find it’s rightful and long-term place in this city. We have window of opportunity today to help make that happen right now.

I’m in… and you should be too. Join me in the movement and make your commitment today. Find out more information at”


Also, please reach out to me for support or on ideas on how I can assist you with your efforts. I’m here to help. Survival is a team sport and i believe that fans are the team behind the team and we can make it happen.

Thanks to all for your support!


Jay Ball, GM – FC Edmonton